Stuff happens all the time, you can try and avoid it, but you won’t

I take great pleasure in watching Penguins in the way in which their uniquely and almost comical land waddle becomes a highly efficient diving and swimming skill the moment they enter the water. I was taking photographs of a group, and a certain individual seemed to stand out in the crowd of relatively clean penguins

One bird appeared to be covered in what I could only imagine was some kind of bird “poop”. I had a bit of a chuckle as he certainly appeared disgruntled and very aware of this noticeable flaw in his general appearance.

This got me thinking about the saying that “stuff happens”. Sometimes unexpected things happen to us, seemingly for no particular reason at all. Things just go wrong, they may be totally unexpected, and apparently random. Stuff happens, and this is an undeniable and unpredictable fact of life.

With hindsight, we understand that there are a reason and a purpose for everything that happens to us. Deep down we know that the difficulty we may be experiencing happens for a reason. It is there to teach us something. The sooner we are able to see its purpose and accept this, the sooner we can move on.