Inspire people. Create partnerships. Deliver results.

Are you a senior executive or leader?

The struggle to improve key business results can be relentless. Meeting professional obligations while living a balanced life seems impossible. And if your team is disengaged, the entire organisation suffers.

Your leadership style is key to your survival. Are you agile enough to adapt to the world of today – and tomorrow?

I am a leadership expert, mentor and coach, speaker and author who creates inspiring, game-changing global leaders. With more than 15 years’ experience working with multinational CEOs and HR directors in China, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Australia and Thailand, I know what it takes to develop highly engaged teams and create strong, productive and globally competitive businesses.

I help senior leaders and executive teams around the world with:

  • Leadership development
  • Change management
  • Engagement and performance
  • Strategic planning
  • Organisational development
  • Industrial relations

My services include:

  • Keynote speaking at conferences and events.
  • Mentoring, coaching and executive leadership development for CEOs, C-Suite leaders, HR directors and executive teams.
  • Workshops and programs for mid to senior leaders globally.

I have a track record of establishing new business units in emerging markets and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of HR operations in mature markets.

I am a globally recognised Keynote Speaker, HR & leadership expert, and CEO and co-founder of ROIDEA, a company dedicated to helping organisations build a stronger and more cohesive culture and inspiring teams to reach their full potential. With over 20 years of corporate experience across different continents, my expertise lies in empowering leaders, understanding how people work together and reigniting people’s innate drive to lead and inspire others.

My captivating keynote speeches utilise world-class imagery to reconnect individuals with their purpose and ignite their ability to excel and lead. Drawing from my personal experiences and insights gained from collaborating with highly successful individuals, I offer real solutions to help businesses remain viable and keep teams engaged, inspired, and motivated in this unprecedented time of growth and adaption.

Having reached the pinnacle of my corporate career, I embarked on a transformative journey, delving deeper into the complexities of human interactions and leadership. Through extensive interviews with global executives, I obtained valuable wisdom and insights that shaped my ground-breaking books on leadership, Leadership Through My Lens and The Transformational Leader.

My expertise extends beyond speaking engagements. As the co-founder and CEO of ROIDEA, I recognised the need for a platform that fosters collaboration and cultivates a sense of community within organisations. ROIDEA’s multi-dimensional platform for learning, collaboration, and innovation brings together the core values of community, growth, and collaboration at all levels of business. The user-friendly interface enables organisations to leverage self-driven digital learning experiences supported by powerful analytics, resulting in a healthier and more productive work culture. Through customised learning journeys that combine generic, core, and individualised content, businesses can track user engagement and gain real-time insights.

My dedication and passion for helping organisations thrive is rooted in my belief that people are the driving force behind businesses success; and is what inspired the creation of ROIDEA. By embracing ROIDEA’s 10% differentiator approach, which connects core values and empowers individuals to feel more connected to their work and colleagues, organisations can unlock their untapped potential and achieve greater success in the market.

Are you ready to transform your leadership? Let’s discuss what I can do for you.

Anton’s engagement with all levels of the organization elicits inward reflection and outward results. By challenging people to enhance how they achieve results with people, he has fostered collaborative environments facilitated by stronger leaders that deliver extraordinary results

– Kristofer Kumfert, HR Director