The 10% Differentiator Executive Coaching Intensive

Create a connected, innovative and capable organisation in the next 12 months

  • Are you missing the subtle nuances in your leadership interactions, despite having strong core skills and experience?
  • How often do you consider the importance of building trust, effective communication, and understanding individual value systems in your leadership role?
  • What distinguishes good leaders from exceptional ones? Could it be the overlooked minor yet critical aspects of their approach?
  • Have you considered that enhancing just 10% of your current leadership approach could lead to significantly greater success?
  • Are you utilising crucial actions like empathetic communication and valuing diverse feedback to enhance the quality of your leadership?

Leadership challenges often lie not in core skills or experience, but in overlooked nuances like trust-building, effective communication, and understanding values. The key to transitioning from good to exceptional leadership lies in improving just 10% of one's approach, focusing on these subtle yet impactful aspects. This 10% encompasses fostering better communication, an encouraging attitude, valuing feedback, and demonstrating empathy. These seemingly small actions profoundly enhance leadership effectiveness, as explored in this research-driven book.

The ‘10% Differentiator’ Foundation Model

Embracing Excellence: The Journey Beyond 'Good Enough' with the 10% Differentiator

In today's dynamic business world, organisations constantly strive for efficiency and excellence, often operating at near peak capacity. However, settling for 'good enough' ignores the potential for transformative growth. The '10% Differentiator' concept challenges this complacency. It's not about a quantitative increase in skills but symbolises the extra effort required to transition from 'good enough' to 'excellence.' This approach encourages leaders to move beyond familiarity, embracing innovation and resilience. The book delves into this concept, offering strategies and case studies to unlock this transformative potential, urging leaders to explore beyond the comfort zone into a realm of higher achievement.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Welcome to our Executive Coaching Intensive, where we guide you in transforming your leadership skills and career trajectory.

The 10% Differentiator

Discover how even just a few small shifts in one’s thinking and actions can take you from being good to becoming exceptional. Learn how a subtle yet strategic improvement can catapult your leadership from proficient to extraordinary.

Excellence through Continuous Learning

Journey with us as you transcend comfort zones, challenge norms, and cultivate a culture of innovation and resilience. We focus on harnessing this potential for growth and transformation.

Impactful Coaching

The 10% Differentiator Executive Coaching Intensive offers foster critical thinking and personal reflection. A commitment to your leadership development will resonate through all aspects of your life.

Empowering Leadership

Create an empowering environment for your team, emphasising creativity and strategic thinking. Learn to inspire innovation and drive exceptional results.

Value Model

Ideal Candidates for the Program

This program is tailored for proactive individuals keen on building their personal brand and having a positive impact on others. It's perfect for leaders with technical acumen seeking to enhance their influence in business and people management.

Dive in. Unlock your 10%. Lead Exceptionally.

Comprehensive 6-Month Program

The 10% Differentiator Executive Coaching Intensive is designed to provide:

  • Initial assessments and strategic immersion sessions
  • Personalised coaching and development
  • Regular sessions for continuous development
  • Additional support including reading materials and action plans
  • Specific strategies to develop your leadership and that of your team
  • Access to state-of-the-art e-learning platforms.

Transform and Lead

This programme is your pathway to becoming a more influential leader, equipped to inspire and lead teams towards success. Embrace this opportunity to redefine leadership in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

What others are saying

Terence Byrne // CEO

"Your coaching sessions enlighten me to look at things from a different perspective. They help unlock things that perhaps I didn't actually even think of before and is what gives me that 10% edge."

Graham Tunks // Director

"The difference between a good and great person is that 10% you talk about and sometimes we need external help. Working with you I can see improvement in my work."

Mark Timms  // MD

"Through our coaching sessions you helped me to look at situations from different perspectives. You helped me recognise myself, identify my uncomfortable areas and gave me tools to make these more comfortable."

Tariq Javed //CEO

"Every conversation we had, I walked away with something new, incremental or value-add, our conversations are aways useful."

Fatma Alashy // Manager

"Your coaching has helped me to become more open and taught me how to manage people, how to lead, to have empathy and to achieve my goals."

Samir Kozem // GM

"10% seems like a very small portion but it affects 100% of my personality and makes me a better person in the workplace."