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Keynotes with a Difference

I can help unlock the talent and potential of your organization.

As a leadership expert who has worked with teams and leaders around the globe, I know that the key to an organization’s growth is its people. It’s critical that your teams are motivated, engaged and productive.

My presentations have the right mix of education, motivation and inspiration. I draw on my extensive experience in leadership and people management to help create real cultural change that will drive your business’s results.

“Am I in control of myself, how I think, what I say, how I behave, or does somebody else control me?”
– Anton van der Walt


Leadership and photography are my two passions in life. I combine these passions in my book, Leadership Through My Lens, and in my keynote presentations.

Imagery has the power to make an instant emotional and intellectual connection. That’s why it is such an influential way of conveying important business and leadership lessons. By combining striking photography with business analogies, audiences walk away from my keynotes with enduring and effective messages – messages that reinvigorate and impel them to change the way they work.


  • Unlocking your 10% differentiator
  • Developing self-awareness – a predictor for success and leadership influence
  • Transformation through engagement and accountability
  • Leading through disruption

I customise my keynote presentations for your business needs.

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Going back to being exactly the leader you love to be

Clients working with me can expect to find real solutions to remain viable and to keep teams engaged in this unprecedented time.

Invigorated, they find alignment, and become resolute to change the way they inspire and lead. 

My primary focus is to assist leaders in identifying and utilising the small yet impactful qualities that make them stand out, using the 10% differentiator approach. Often, leaders tend to concentrate on the 90% that is commonly known, and focus on being good enough. However, they often overlook the 10% that makes them unique and valuable, the differentiator to becoming great. Through recognising and refining these unique qualities, leaders can differentiate themselves from others and achieve greater success.

Through my speaking engagements, I share my expertise on the 10% differentiator approach and provide leaders with practical strategies for identifying and leveraging their unique strengths. Drawing on my own experiences as a leader and entrepreneur, I offer real-world examples and insights to inspire and motivate your leaders.

I provide practical tips and strategies to help leaders cultivate a growth mindset and create a culture of continuous learning within their organisations.

By booking me to speak at your next event, you can help your leaders discover their unique strengths and take their leadership skills to the next level.