2-Day ‘10% Differentiator’ Workshop

Future-proof yourself, your team and your organisation

Welcome to the Journey of Exceptional Leadership: Unlocking Your 10% Differentiator

Are you a leader equipped with all the right skills yet feel like something is missing? Dive into the world of exceptional leadership and discover how small shifts in your approach can lead to monumental changes in your impact.

As we navigate an era where the status quo in business is insufficient, we invite you to explore 'The 10% Differentiator', a transformative guide that reveals the secret nuances often overlooked by even the most seasoned leaders. This workshop, inspired by the book, uncovers the subtle behaviours and interactions that can elevate your leadership from simply 'good' to genuinely outstanding.

Reflective Questions:

  1. Are you struggling to build genuine trust within your team?
  2. Do you find it challenging to communicate effectively in diverse situations?
  3. Are you unsure about how to value and integrate diverse perspectives?
  4. Do you find it demanding to demonstrate empathy and understanding?
  5. Are you caught in the 'good enough' mindset, hesitant to innovate or take risks?
  6. Are you effectively balancing control with empowering your team?

Through this workshop, you will:

  • Go Beyond the Comfort Zone: Discover why many organisations plateau at 'good enough' and how you can break free to achieve true excellence.
  • Master the Intangibles: Unearth the transformative elements of trust-building, empathy, effective communication, and understanding value systems that set exceptional leaders apart.
  • Adapt to a Changing Landscape: Learn how the post-pandemic world and shifting business dynamics demand a new breed of leader—socially adept, people-oriented, and a relationship builder.

With real-life case studies, research-backed strategies, and actionable advice, this workshop serves as both a roadmap and a beacon, guiding you toward unlocking your unique '10% Differentiator'. Whether you're a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, this journey promises continuous learning, growth, and a pursuit of excellence.

Are you ready to discover the power of your '10%'? To unlock the potential that could catapult you and your organisation from good to great, capable to extraordinary.

Dive in. Unlock your 10%. Lead Exceptionally.


Unlocking Leadership Excellence: Harnessing your '10% Differentiator'

This is a two-day intensive programme designed specifically for senior and executive leaders. Its primary goal is to aid participants in exploring and enhancing their leadership skills, with a particular focus on the ‘10% Differentiator,’ accelerating both them and their organisations from being ‘good enough’ to becoming truly ‘great.’

The workshop is divided into two sections, each dedicated to a specific aspect of leadership.


The first section provides a deep dive into the concept of the ‘10% Differentiator,’ the space in which differentiation and competitive advantage are born. This part aims to equip participants with tools and strategies that focus on alignment, team building, and building relationships.


The second part of the workshop works on the interconnected elements of leadership, where participants will learn about the dynamic balance between leading and leaving, the importance of accountability, the roles of control and influence, and ways to overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs. It also emphasises the importance of feedback and empathy in effective leadership.

Expected Outcomes:

This immersive two-day workshop is designed to unleash the untapped potential in leaders by harnessing the transformative power of the '10% Differentiator'. It provides a comprehensive toolkit for success, fostering understanding of vital leadership aspects such as aligning visions, nurturing relationships, team management, and striking a balance in leadership styles.

Participants will leave the workshop with a clear action plan, ready to rise to personal challenges.

Key Takeaway:

By harnessing the ‘10% Differentiator,’ leaders can redefine their leadership trajectories, inspiring their teams, and driving sustainable success and growth for their organisations. This transformation equips leaders to not only navigate but to excel in their leadership journey.


We’ll explore the essential elements of accountability - team excellence, empowerment, and feedback - to help you establish a framework that drives results.

Discover practical methods for managing priorities, productivity, and energy. Gain control, boost your leadership influence, and start making a real difference.

By harnessing the ‘10% Differentiator,’ leaders can redefine their leadership, inspire their teams, and drive sustainable success and growth for their organisations. 

Dive deep into the world of innovation and agile design thinking, understanding not just the theory but its transformative application, driving growth forward.

Leadership requires ongoing team evaluation, bold decisions, and addressing underperformance. Embracing diversity and team growth is vital for shared success.

As a leader, you and your employees are already good enough, but imagine the possibilities if you reached for that extra 10%. That's where true success lies.

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Benefit 1

  • The '10% Differentiator' 2-Day Intensive Leadership Workshop.
  • The '10% Differentiator' 2-Day Innovation Workshop.
  • The '10% Differentiator' 6-Month Leadership Development Program.
  • Team effectiveness: Increase engagement and performance.
  • Strategic planning and organisational design.


Benefit 2

  • Senior executives who want to become industry leaders.
  • Businesses that need to overcome blockages.
  • Organisations that want to deliver increased productivity and profit.
  • Teams that need to work more effectively.
  • Professionals who want to take their careers to the next level.


Benefit 3

  • Workbooks
  • Follow-up support
  • My latest book, The '10% Differentiator', for multi-day workshops and programs.

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