Conference and event keynotes that energise teams, executive leaders and organisations to achieve greater engagement, productivity and profit.


The 10% Differentiator Executive Coaching Intensive enhances leaders by refining skills like trust and empathy, significantly boosting leadership effectiveness and organisational impact.


Create and implement an effective plan of action that creates real, permanent change within your teams and within your organisation.


Are you a senior executive or leader?

Are you a leader who has all the necessary skills but still feels something is amiss? The journey to exceptional leadership is not just about skill sets, but about the small shifts that can significantly magnify your influence and effectiveness.

In the demanding landscape of modern leadership, merely possessing skills isn’t enough. Exceptional leadership requires a deeper transformation, focusing on the nuances that resonate with teams and drive effective change. It’s about stepping out of comfort zones, embracing trust, empathy, effective communication, and adapting to a rapidly evolving world.

These intangible qualities are the differentiators that elevate a leader from average to extraordinary, emphasising the need for adaptability and a deeper understanding of people in an ever-changing business environment.


I am a Leadership Expert and author who will show you how you can influence and inspire your teams. I have spent more than 30 years working with multinational CEOs and HR directors around the globe. My programs, workshops and keynotes give you actionable steps to create real, lasting change: your people and business metrics will improve, your organisation will embrace opportunities, and you will minimise stress to achieve a balanced and enriched life.


Anton’s coaching sessions enlighten me to look at things from a different perspective. They help unlock things that perhaps I didn’t actually even think of before and is what gives me that 10% edge.”

– Terence Byrne, CEO

The difference between a good and great person is that 10% Anton talks about and sometimes we need external help. Working with Anton I can see improvement in my work.”

– Graham Tunks, Director

Through my coaching sessions with Anton, he helped me to look at situations from different perspectives. He helped me recognise myself, identify my uncomfortable areas and gave me tools to make these more comfortable.”

– Mark Timms, MD

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