Authentic Leaders build trust, reduce turnover and ignite passion

Employees quit leaders, not their jobs. In a March 2019 HBR article Dacia J. Faison Roe (When a Top Performer Wants to Leave, Should You Try to Stop Them?) says that when employees are “valued as people, not just workers, it has positive effects that ripple through the rest of the team and beyond.” Furthermore,[…..]

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the impact of AI on leadership

In 2018, a Deloitte survey polled more than 1,600 C-level executives across 19 countries—including 100 respondents from South Africa on their readiness to harness the changes associated with Industry 4.0. South African executives expressed greater doubt about their organizations’ readiness to fully harness the changes associated with Industry 4.0 than the survey population at large.[…..]