Choose to live an Extraordinary Life – Focus on these 3 Areas

I recently had the privilege of conducting 16 one-hour coaching sessions over a period of 2 days. It was a large number of individual sessions in a short period of time, providing me with a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights. While one would think that 16 diversely unique people would have 16 individual stories […]

7 Things average HR people would never do

Want to become a sought-after HR Leader?  – Do these 7 Things immediately A key finding in the PWC Global CEO survey states that CEO’s think it is the end of HR as we know it. In fact, seven out of 10 CEO’s in Australia and 60% globally agree that they are re-thinking the HR[…..]

It is the end of HR as we know it

Can HR be the disruptive element in leadership? Can HR Facilitate a competitive advantage by inspiring, motivating and engaging teams in times of increasing change? The impact of HR at a global level is valued in the billions of dollars. Leaders must inspire their teams to future-proof in disruptive industries.  HR can serve as just[…..]

The New Face of Leadership – Emergence of the Disruptive Leader

In 2018 disruption driven by technology, consumers and AI will accelerate. Disruption is no longer just a catch phrase. Cultivating Leadership for this unpredictable environment is not only required, but it is also essential for survival. For leaders, disruption typically takes place on two levels. Firstly, long-standing business models are disrupted, and secondly, self-disruption takes[…..]