#Doyoutrusttheleaders – AI is the new frontier in business and will define our trust in leadership

A fascinating documentary DoYouTrustThisComputer made its world premiere on April 5, 2018. The documentary examines the staggering amounts of data collected, interpreted and fed back to us through apps, intelligent devices and targeted ads.

The film explores the rise of data analytics and machine learning and its power to fundamentally transform society, including elections (Cambridge Analytica comes to mind) to medical diagnostics to battlefield weapons.

Chris Paine who directed the film said that “The impetus for the film was to explore how AI is starting to redefine that trust and our relationship with computers. How fast is this tech accelerating? What does it promise us? Are there truly ‘Existential threats’? And perhaps the biggest question, can we control what we’ve created.”

If AI is the new frontier in business, what does AI, machine learning and robotics mean to Leaders and Companies? 

As Leaders in this disruptive age we need to re-think our essence of effective leadership. What are the key ingredients to motivate, inspire and engage our workforce? How do we protect our employees, and our customers? And above all what responsibility does leadership have towards broader society?

In the video below, I discuss how leadership will not escape the impact of AI and cognitive technology. Additionally, I have a strong view on the role leaders play in embracing AI responsibly.