HR Professionals can do so much more, just ask your CEO, they will tell you this

What do CEO’s really expect of HR professionals? Is it the day to day business of policies, recruitment, development, OD and talent management? Even the implementation of technology? I think this type of work is expected to be done, and to be done well. But CEO’s wants more from their HR people. They love them to be a trusted confidant, someone to talk to and to be their soundboard. Additionally, they put a high premium on HR professionals that are able to help support delivering the bottom line, and to understand the levers that help make the business profitable and future-proof the business. Many HR people go outside their comfort zone to provide this type of support to their CEO.

But some do not, and it is an opportunity lost for an HR professional. It is an opportunity to change, to go outside your comfort zone and to take a few calculated risks. There are always two reasons why people change – their either see the light, or they feel the heat. As an HR professional, you can do so much more – just take that leap of faith – you do not have to feel the heat.