It is the end of HR as we know it

Can HR be the disruptive element in leadership? Can HR Facilitate a competitive advantage by inspiring, motivating and engaging teams in times of increasing change?

The impact of HR at a global level is valued in the billions of dollars. Leaders must inspire their teams to future-proof in disruptive industries.  HR can serve as just such a catalyst.

In an HBR article from Eric Garton on HR’s vital role, we realize the burning platform. “HR’s value and efficacy is a favorite topic of debate in business. Complaints about HR include things from weak, reactive business partnering to poor talent recruitment and development. From time-wasting processes to incomprehensible communications.”

Additionally, a key finding in the PWC Global CEO survey is that CEO’s think it is the end of HR as we know it. In fact, seven out of 10 CEO’s in Australia and 60% globally agree that they are re-thinking the HR function. CEO’s do realize that both the profession and the function has changed slowly over the last few decades. There will be a significant level of workplace upheaval ahead and according to the CEO’s surveyed they see reshaping the HR function as a way of providing a competitive advantage.

Some of the current Human Resources realities are:

  • Undervalued in the role they perform
  • Caught up in silly jobs
  • Creator of bureaucracy
  • Due to the reactive nature of issues, it is difficult to get ahead
  • Administrator of processes and policies
  • Compliance – holder of the mirror
  • Responsible for the talent lifecycle and HR cycle plan
  • Accountable for individual, team and organizational effectiveness and development
  • Required to contribute to the bottom line

Going beyond a seat at the table provides a competitive advantage

We could easily underestimate how isolated CEO’s feel in the Company, and what responsibility they carry. As HR leaders, we can fill that void and provide them with perspective. At times, they are confronted with massive disruption and big impact decisions, and this is where our real value comes in.  HR has a primary role in cultivating disruptive leadership in an unpredictable environment.

Developing disruptive leadership is not only required, but also essential for survival. The new face of HR Leadership is one of facilitating organic and transformational growth. Growth that moves away from positional power, to an HR leader of influence.

Having a “seat at the table” is about strategic business partnering. Going beyond this is the ability of HR to provide a competitive advantage, and an ability to add to the bottom line.

This is the new face of HR leadership. It is the emergence of the disruptive HR leader. A leader with influence and innovation. Well connected to the Industry, contributing to delivering the bottom line and a leader who is valued as an equal professional

How do you support your organizations’ change efforts?

Do you inspire and engage your customers and your teams?

Are you delivering transformation through culture and accountability?

What stops you from providing a competitive advantage?