Self-Awareness and Leaving a Legacy

The impact of CEOs on a global level is valued in the billions of dollars. Leaders must inspire their teams to be future-proof in disruptive industries. The questions leaders should ask are: How DO I support my organization with its change efforts? DO I inspire and engage my team? DO I reflect on the BEST […]

From Power to Influence – Developing Self-Awareness

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself – Leo Tolstoy" The impact of CEOs at a global level is valued in the billions of dollars. As a leader, understanding what drives you, and what derails you, has great benefits. Great leadership is a choice between Power and Influence and[.....]

Moving from Power to Influence – Leading in Global Disruption

As a global multinational CEO or senior leader, what keeps you awake at night? To survive in business today, leaders must: Act and deliver with speed, urgency and decisiveness. Interpret and visualize the future while engaging employees and key stakeholders. Have an adaptive mindset to continually reposition the business. Lead from the front with humility[…..]