The Evolution of Leadership: Personal Stories of the 10% Differentiator in Action part one

Listen to the recording of this week's '10% Differentiator' Insights below.

Join me this week as I explore two personal stories, offering a glimpse into the foundational elements that define impactful leadership.

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional growth, what truly sets successful leaders apart is not just the knowledge they amass, but how they integrate diverse learnings to cultivate a distinct leadership persona. This means, developing their 10% Differentiation. Many embark on this journey with specific role models in mind, attempting to mirror their practices.

While many start by emulating role models, true success emerges from integrating these inspirations. As we delve into one leader's journey, we discover the profound impact of mentorship, and the transformative power of soft skills.

Join me this week as I explore two of these revelations, offering a glimpse into the foundational elements that define impactful leadership.

Here is what they say:

"Navigating my professional journey, the importance of mentors has been unwavering. While initially I sought to mimic their tactics, I've evolved to draw inspiration from their diverse approaches, weaving these teachings into my own leadership style. Through various mentors and experiences, I've gathered pockets of knowledge. Instead of mastering them in isolation, I connect these insights to form a more holistic leadership identity.

The fluidity of mentorship sessions, unbounded by strict agendas, enhances engagement. It's a two-way street—sometimes I guide the conversation, at other times, the mentor does. Such interactions have enriched my understanding on topics like control, expressing values, and shaping organisational culture.’"


"Continuously striving for growth, I'm passionate about honing diverse skills. Empathy stands out, reshaping my approach in recent times. My exploration of 'control' in business scenarios has been transformative, helping discern between external factors and my reactions to them.

As an engineer, I was once rooted in fixed processes. But, as I delve deeper into management, I recognise the potency of soft skills. Understanding and conveying the 'why' behind processes isn't just about adhering to them—it’s about empowering individuals with clarity and purpose".

Imagine someone with all the right skills and knowledge. What's that little extra they need to focus on? It's simple things: building relationships, listening to feedback, really getting to know others, and showing they care. These small actions make a big difference in being a great leader.

These observations inspired my research and became the driving force behind my new book.

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Join me on a transformative journey to unlock your '10% Differentiator' and propel your organisation and leadership to extraordinary success.