How small shifts elevate you from good to exceptional

What's the difference between those who lead well and those who become exceptional leaders?

Throughout my interactions with leaders from different backgrounds and roles, a shared set of challenges consistently emerges. This made me wonder: What makes some leaders stand out as truly great? When these leaders spoke about their worries, it wasn't about their main skills or how long they'd been leading. Instead, it was the small things in how they interacted with others that they often missed.

The small things matter. Such as building trust, communicating clearly, and really getting to know what people care about are just a few examples. I found that leaders don't always need to make big changes. By just working on these small things, about 10% of what they already do, they can do much better.

Imagine someone with all the right skills and knowledge. What's that little extra they need to focus on? It's simple things: building relationships, listening to feedback, really getting to know others, and showing they care. These small actions make a big difference in being a great leader.

These observations inspired my research and became the driving force behind my new book.

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