Focus is Everything

The first, and probably the most important rule in Wildlife photography is to get the focus spot on. This is a key rule and second to that is to make sure the camera speed is just right. A third element of successful wildlife photography is to capture the “light in the eyes”. It is such an exhilarating experience getting a really good photo of the Big Cats such as Cheetah, Lion or Leopard and if one is able to get the focus, speed and the light in the eyes just right, it makes for a great outcome.

As Human Resources Professionals we are often confronted with disruption or change that is required in the organization. A good Human Resources Professional is also a good change agent or coach that has the ability to help focus the organization in its change efforts. As such we can play an important and highly supportive role to Leadership helping them to drive change. I once had a mentor that told me that there are two reasons why people change – they either see the light or they feel the heat! This truth stayed with me and I often use this metaphor to describe how change eventually occurs within people and organizations.

As a change coach how do we help the organization to “see the light” rather than to feel the heat and help them to initiate successful change? I think there are probably a few key elements we have to look out for and help Leadership to initiate:

  • Focus on the problem – Understanding and defining the burning platform or business opportunity is critical in any change process. It sounds logical, but often Leadership is not clear on what the problem is it that needs to be resolved.
  • Act decisively and with speed – When the organization is confronted with change, it makes most sense to just get on with it. The best advice you can give your leadership is to stop over-analyzing the issues, and apply the 80/20 rule to help stop procrastinating the obvious. Change is not comfortable, why drag it out?
  • Crystal clear end result – What is it we are working towards? Do we know what success looks like? Make sure your Leadership is clear and precise what the team should be working towards, and what the deliverables are.
  • The light is the end game – Successful Leadership in an organization has the ability to “show the light” and lead the way. No change initiative can be successful if your leadership is not able to light up the path and show employees the way forward.

How do you support your organization with it’s change efforts and have you equipped yourself with the necessary tools to help drive this change?