Trust …. but Verify: Lessons in Accountability from the Factory Floor

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Being a leader isn't about watching every move; it's about setting your team up for success.

Accountability is a key part of great leadership. Many leaders around the world face the challenge of team members not meeting expectations. How do you build a real sense of responsibility in your team? My time in auto-manufacturing factory gave me some insights.

In automotive manufacturing, doing things the right way matters. You can't just put a car together any which way. Everything has a set order, and there's no room for guesswork. This taught me a lot about making sure things get done right.

I learned the value of "Trust and verify." It means believing in your team to do their job, but also having checks in place to make sure it's done right. This idea has stayed with me and helped shape my views on getting things done.

Accountability doesn't just happen. You build it with clear instructions, good oversight, and ways to measure success. With these in place, leaders can help their teams be responsible and meet their goals.

Being a leader isn't about watching every move; it's about setting your team up for success.

“A culture of accountability makes a good organisation great and a great organisation unstoppable” – Henry Evans

Imagine someone with all the right skills and knowledge. What's that little extra they need to focus on? It's simple things: building relationships, listening to feedback, really getting to know others, and showing they care. These small actions make a big difference in being a great leader.

These observations inspired my research and became the driving force behind my new book.

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