Execute! Moving your team from strategy to commitment to action

During this time of the year, most companies start thinking about their strategic planning process and what they need to do around this subject. Strategy is about understanding what has happened this past year and what needs to be achieved during the following year. In effect, it is a determination on what has worked well, […]

Distance creates perspective, you get to see the whole picture

Do you take the time to stand back, think about the work you do and the value you add? Or do you just jump in and hope you make the right decisions? I love Dubai city with it’s incredible architectural splendor. None more so than the famous Burj Khalifa. But if you want to get[…..]

We do not control gravity, and we do not even think about it

Gravity is generally not something we think about. It is unlikely that we would wake up in the morning thinking “I hate feeling this heavy, I would much rather be weightless and float!” Do we ever think about the fact that gravity keeps us all earth bound? We simply accept that gravity exists and understand[…..]