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How Global Multinational CEO's can build Influence Through Self-Awareness 

As a global multinational CEO or senior leader, what keeps you awake at night?

Self-discovery and an understanding and developing of personal strengths are equally important for organizational growth and improved results

A Gallup study of large companies found that understanding and developing strengths of employees has a staggering effect on people and business metrics. Amongst other they found a:

· 10%-19% increase in sales

· 14%-29% increase in profit

· 3%-7% increase in customer engagement

· 9%-15% increase in engaged employees

· 26- to 72-point decrease in employee turnover (in high-turnover organizations)

· 22%-59% decrease in safety incidents


Is to be conscious of one’s own character and emotions, understanding who you really are. It is not a comfortable place to go to initially, but a necessary one nonetheless. 

Self-awareness is a deliberate move to understanding what makes you tick, what drives you and what derails you. It is about paying attention to what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.

In an era increasingly defined by disruption and the democratization of information and control, leaders find themselves in an environment in which their power through authority is ineffective. 


Anton van der Walt


What You'll Discover
On this Live Webinar:

  1. Change is needed, and it starts with leaders themselves.
  2. This webinar will outline the rationale, business case, and a practical outline for leaders to begin the journey of transformation.
  3. The critical shift is to move from a position of power to a leader of influence through self-awareness, thereby achieving greater reach, impact, and results.


September 20


12 noon 
Gulf Standard Time (GMT/UTC + 04:00)




Understanding how to transform your global leadership through Self-Awareness from Power to Influence, is pivotal. That is why this FREE webinar is targeted at global senior leaders.

"Know yourself, to Lead Yourself, to Lead the Team, to Lead the Business and to Lead the Industry."

                  WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING

The webinar is very well done. Balanced approach between sharing enough to get attendees interested. Examples worked well - moving beyond the theory

Jacques Brent

Anton's engagement with all levels of the organization elicits inward reflection and outward results. By challenging people to enhance how they achieve results with people, he has fostered collaborative environments facilitated by stronger leaders that deliver extraordinary results.

Kris Kumfert
HR Director

I really enjoyed the breakdown of the presentation into different sections. The story of the CEO was great - as it is relatable and people always love to hear a story and what happens in the end. Great content and good visuals. The analogy of photography techniques transferring into self awareness techniques is very clever!

Alexis Gibson

HR Manager

Anton's unique mentoring style of thoughtful questioning, challenging your paradigms and insightful feedback has helped my personal and professional development.

Mike Agosta

What I grabbed out of the webinar made a huge contribution towards my self-transformation. All three components stood out for me, most particularly the willingness to change and openness to it. I often worry about things i can't control, it felt like he was talking to me when he touched on gravity issues. Powerful. 

Pinky Kunene
Deputy Head of HR