Cultivating Leadership for a disruptive and unpredictable environment is not only required, but it is also essential for survival. Leaders should respond to this environment by not perceiving disruption as having a negative impact. It is an opportunity waiting to be embraced. In the 2017 KPMG Global CEO outlook, Gary Wingrove the CEO of KPMG Australia […]

End of a Perfect Day

Talking recently to a few senior executives on what would be the measure for having had a successful career, got me thinking. How would an organization remember an inspirational leader?  How do people remember you and what kind of a legacy do you leave behind?  In the African bush, nothing ends a perfect day quite[…..]

Cultivating Disruptive Leadership – A Global and Australian Opportunity for CEO’s

Disruption is no longer just a catch phrase. For CEO’s and Executives, disruption typically takes place on two levels. Firstly, long-standing business models are disrupted, and secondly, self-disruption takes place. Self-disruption is a natural outflow, as the two concepts are inseparable. CEO’s are not able to deal with disruption effectively without having a good look[…..]

View from the Top

I recently had a discussion with a Global Multinational CEO on what it takes to survive in this ever-changing and disruptive business world we live in. It became evident to me during the conversation that while he is comfortable making decisions, even those with far-reaching implications, it remains a daunting prospect. Even with his team[…..]